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At Potluck Culture Solutions, we help emerging leaders discover themselves and change their worlds. Effective leaders who seek to continuously learn and grow are needed now more than ever. COVID-19 has changed the world forever and the competencies needed to enlighten, inspire, and influence have never been more needed. The world needs self-aware and empathetic leaders – these are special people who purposefully seek to understand and appreciate the expectations and needs of others but also embrace even more challenging goals of their own.

Potluck Culture Solutions is a team of advisors helping people and companies navigate challenges in leadership, management, culture, transformation, and change.

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One-on-One Coaching

Individual 1:1 coaching is all about exploring who you are and defining who you want to be. We emphasize your potential, what drives and motivates you, your world view, your business impact, objectives and growth—knowing that getting that right will create positive ripples (and energy) for your personal life as well. Our results-focused work will never forget your personal fulfillment—as a source of energy for continual growth and as an end in itself. These session(s) will help you find your true calling.

Leadership Consulting

Our systematic, evidence-based and science-driven approach to your organizational health focuses on you and your leadership team—its cohesion, clarity and collaboration. Our goal is to establish a cohesive leadership team with a clear, shared understanding of the team’s mission and approach, and the skills and discipline to communicate that clear vision to everyone in the organization. We will help you learn to connect meaningfully with each other as well as your customers and other key stakeholders.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Nair is an engaging and purposeful speaker who connects enthusiastically and empathically with all audiences. He is a master storyteller and shares his personal experiences as well as other experiences of people and organizations from all over the world to powerfully channel his knowledge, experience and philosophies into tuned and tailored venues including conference keynotes and breakout sessions, luncheons, company events and team retreats.



    We coach you to become the leader you want to be— with the impact and influence you deserve and desire.


    We provide a complete suite of coaching training programs and executive coaching services that are designed to satisfy all of your leadership coaching, personal branding, and performance development needs….to grow your influence.


    Are you overwhelmed by important decisions? Is the importance of selecting the right college for you proving to be a stressful decision? Are you struggling to decide on which major or concentration is right for you because you’re unsure of your desired career path? Have you already received your college degree, but are asking yourself…now what? Have you sent out a lot of resumes with no positive response? Don’t fret. We can help!


    Leaders are important to have in any walk of life and in high-performing organizations. They set the tone for the organization. We believe everyone is a leader. Ultimately, great leadership is a progression and high-performing leaders are on a continuing journey to understand themselves, be their authentic true selves, and always be present for others.

  • Work effectively and creatively

    Learn how to innovate, ideate, create and collaborate effectively with others. We can help you how to prevent conflict with others and build meaningful, productive and lasting relationships to enhance the health of your teams.

  • Overcome self doubt

    Having a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a critical component of self-awareness and leadership. We will help your discover what EQ is in five distinct components, and give you specific ideas to enhance your sense of self, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and collaboration skills. Never doubt yourself again and make the right decisions every time!

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"Everybody brings something to the table. We'll help you find yours," Dr. Ranjit Nair

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  • I decided to work with Potluck Culture Solutions because one of Dr. Nair’s FB posts struck a nerve and that day it motivated me to say “YES, I’d love to figure out what’s next in life”. Knowing I have skills is one thing, knowing how to accentuate them is another. I was seeking direction, that’s for sure. I went in hoping that Dr. Nair and his team could figure out a career objective for me. What I experienced was that they not only helped me better understand what careers were possible for me, but they also helped me understand how to deepen my life. One thing I realized is that I liked to give to others, but that I might not have been receiving back. I appreciated the depth of our conversations. I also liked taking the DiSC assessment and learning how to apply the results in real life and career moments. I loved giving myself the gift of getting to know the real me and all my capabilities. I would recommend Potluck Culture wholeheartedly! It’s an invaluable experience with talented, kind, gifted, patient, focused, professional people like them at the helm. Dr. Nair always says to me, “Brian, you’re my client forever. You can always call on me for help about who you are, why you do what you do, and how you can rock your world. And I’ll always be there to help you.” How lucky am I to be part of his world?

    BRIAN P.
    Princeton High School
  • When I began working with Potluck Culture Solutions, I was struggling with which steps to take in pursuing a career. I was so distracted with everyday events and activities that I needed to set aside time to make goals and focus on steps that would help me get my resume in order and find out what specifically would make me excited to go back into the workforce. I was not expecting the skillsets and practices that Potluck Culture offered to be so beneficial and productive in such a short time-frame. I now have increased self-confidence and recognize my skills.

    The Potluck Culture team helped me fine tune my strengths and pinpointed my greatest assets and assessed what my blind spots are. This helped me tremendously in ways I cannot even have imagined. The best money one could ever spend is to sit with Dr. Nair and his caring team. This investment in me has already paid off. I have a top-notch resume, and I have developed my own personal brand and I have three job offers already. It is wonderful to have people like Dr. Nair who are honest and with whom you can bounce ideas and questions. It is cheaper and better than any therapist and any career specialist I have at my college. They helped me to find myself and know who I really am and, most importantly, a clear career path that has allowed me to flourish and enjoy. Dr. Nair, Nicky, Evelyn and Christina…..YOU ARE AMAZING AND I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD ABOUT YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

    Priyanka S.
  • I hired Potluck Culture Solutions because I wanted some help and a sense of direction as I headed into my final year of high school. It was a really great experience for me….I must say. Dr. Nair helped me identify directions I might like to pursue as a career and really got me seriously thinking about those details. I thought that the timing was really perfect for me and it was a big reminder that all of this schooling is really for an end game.

    Through the Everything DiSC assessment I took, Dr. Nair and his team were able to help identify my natural strengths and tendencies and really started me thinking about how to capitalize on those for my final year before entering college. They helped reinforce how very different I am from my brother and sister and that everyone brings something valuable to the table. I found out exactly what my value is and how it can help me to be happy and thrive in college and, ultimately, in the real work world. The whole process was truly inspiring and a big confidence builder for me. It gave me detailed information that really showed them that I am uniquely wired a certain way.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Potluck Culture for every high-school student. Some of us have been told what major to pursue in college because that’s what we’ve been encouraged to do so by our parents and friends. But each of us is unique and we need to really discover what’s best for us and, most importantly, what makes us happy.   

    Elissa P.
    Princeton High School


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